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    Two Florida animal rescue facilities have taken in 47 dachshunds and are looking for a forever home for each of them.

    WJHG reported that the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida, and the Save Underdogs Rescue in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, took in the dogs.

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    “They were going to be taken to a local shelter that wasn't a no-kill shelter so ... the reason it was so urgent for us to get them within this 24-48 hour time period was because they were going to be euthanized,” Alaqua Animal Refuge communications director Mary Chris Murry told WJHG.

    On Sunday, Save Underdogs shared on Facebook that the 47 dogs were on their way to Florida from Arkansas. 

    Save Underdogs founder Terri Bondi told Northwest Florida Daily News she learned of the situation from a friend in Arkansas. Laurie Hood, Alaqua Animal Refuge founder, said the dogs came from a man in Arkansas who was breeding dachshunds, but he became disabled and he was unable to care for them. WEAR reported the dogs came from a hoarding situation.

    “I thought it was originally 30 dogs and thought I could manage it,” she said. “But when it was 50 ... It was perfect timing that Alaqua had space. We kept 22.”

    The total turned out to be 47. Bondi said the man in Arkansas decided to keep three of the dogs.

    Alaqua took in 28 dachshunds, according to a post on the organization’s Facebook page, leaving Save Underdogs with 19. 

    The dogs range in age from several months old to 5 years old. Those interested in adopting may visit the Save Underdogs website and the Alaqua Animal Refuge website for more information and to contact the organizations to find a forever friend.

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    News with Galvin takes a sparkly turn as the guys discuss Wrestling, Facebook Memories, and then something called GLITTER BOOTY??

    A new booty shaking sensation is sweeping the Bone studio. It’s called Glitter Booty and we love it.


    To skip straight to the glitter talk, go to 16 minutes into this video.

    Watch Drew explain what he saw this weekend that has him believing in ghosts!

    Music Video: Pitbull Toddler shakes up the suburbs and causes a St Patrick’s Day 102.5 Drunk-fest!

    Video: Bizarre moment when two girls Twerk On A Coffin Put The ‘Fun’ In Funeral

    We all grieve in our way. For some people, they say goodbye to their loved ones by breaking it down twerk style on his coffin as another girl lifts up one girl’s skirt as she spanks her repeatedly and a bucket of water is dumped on the women so it turns into a wet t-shirt contest you’d see in Panama City during spring break.


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