It's almost Nicci's last day and she had to hit the tri-fecta of trivia! Chicago sports, eating Chicago pizza, wind blowing in her face and GUN VIOLENCE!!!

Sean Daly and Holly's Date Recap

Sean Daly is a man who gets around! His most recent conquest was Holly from The Miguel and Holly Show on Hot 101.5. We get the scoop on what went down on the date!


The Mike Calta Show celebrates Friday the 13th in full on 90's style hack radio nut hut morning zoo format... and it is glorious! Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!


Carlos Mencia in Studio w/ comedian Cisco promoting a show when Hip Hop Recording Artist Jermaine Dupree calls in about his Lifetime show: The Rap Game. Sadly, he does not remember Mike from Chat Roulette...


Two moms, one show. Find out the stunning conclusion to Greendaygate.


Drew had a couple moms call up and say their daughters love Greenday, this little 12 year old girl really knew her stuff!