The Superbowl in Tampa?

A surprising announcement from the NFL about SB LV has the Tampa bay Area buzzing with excitement. Get all the details and more!

Loving Seth and Tales from Caliente

Danielle from Magic 94.9 calls in to recap how Seth and Phoebe came to declare their love for each other and Drew recaps some things he saw at Caliente that he's not so sure about.


Drew finally faces off with "MC Guy Guy", actually known as Mosh Jelton. The mood was tense, who do you think won? Watch this clip and find out!

All About The Puss

Drew recaps getting punked by Jon, Cam Lynch joins the show and Sean Daly from ABC Action News has a very important Public Service Announcement about the dangerously bushy yet prickly Puss.

Incredible Donations for Apple A Day

The donations for Apple a Day are piling up and the show of support is incredible. Check out this clip featuring two of our sponsors from Cool Today and Pin Chasers as they make some very generous pledges...

No More Details?

The ever digressive Christine Details graced the show with a signature lengthy phone call that was cut short to maintain the topic at hand. However, tempers flared as she called back and things got interesting...

Pickles, Lemonade and Incredible Donations.

On a very special edition of DGL, Drew hosts his annual pickles and lemonade fund raiser for Apple A Day. The show of support was incredible as special guests Hungry Howies, Danielle Magic 94.9 and Cameron...

John's (Lie)fe-changing Lie-monade?

John presents his annual life-changing lemonade for taste testing but the mood gets tense as Seth's wife calls into the show to reveal a shocking secret. Check out some of the awkwardly hilarious moments...

Boogery Benefits and John's Wiener.

A recent study shows a certain habit John S is known for could actually be healthy. The conversation quickly develops as John makes a comment about his wiener off air and it's Dr. Drew Garabo to the rescue...

Diddy Did it Again

P-Diddy is getting sued by his former female chef for sexual harrassment. DGL discuss the implications and ask listeners; has your boss ever exposed themselves to you?

Expensive Shoes and Foot Fetishes

DGL talk about Lonzo Ball's $500 shoes and ask listeners to phone in about their expensive footwear. The conversation quickly turns focus on to Seth's inner struggle with a potential feet fetish.

Trouble in Paradise? Chef Todd Talks Suegra Tequila Cantina

Celebrity Chef Todd Hall joins DGL to discuss why he parted ways with the Owners of his recent venture with Suegra Cantina. It's a "he said, he said" debate and it falls on Drew to mediate as one of the...

AAD Bachelor Auction Part 2: Seth and John

The bidding war heats up as more listeners phone in to claim Seth and John S but are all of the calls legitimate? Find out if Drew was able to sift through the prankers in this exciting conclusion to the...

Apple A Day Bachelor Auction- Part 1: Drew and Mika

DGL kicks off their Bachelor Auction to raise money for the Apple a Day Program. Did a certain young lady sell for a higher price tag than Carmin?? Find out in this BoneTv clip of the day.

Don Miggs calls in a Donation and DGL talk Daddy05

The 4th is with DGL as Don Miggs' family makes an incredibly generous donation to Apple a Day and then the guys discuss the mentality and actions of exploitative youtube parents.

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