Dong on The Dome, Cry and Run Home

Sharon Osbourne threw a bachelorette party that may have been scarring for a family member. The crew discusses and questions how out of control do these private parties get in terms of "participation"...

DJ Avi's Kosher Kitchen

While discussing a viral video of a Canadian woman's racist rant in a hospital John asks if Medical instruments have to be kosher so the crew digress on a tangent about Kosher living. A listener calls...


Sherbet, Sherbert, Sorbet. Which is it? What is it? Drew channels his inner Wrestler when he's triggered by a caller who dares to argue the facts of these icy, delicious treats.

Drew <3 Mcdonalds

Holly from hot 101.5 joins the show, Mcdonalds drops a special treat in the studio and Drew is ecstatic.

Blasting Cheaters on Social Media

Everyone loves to make proclamations and soapbox on social media. Is it too much to air dirty laundry between you and a former lover to alter their reputation and more? Drew asks Ok or NOT Ok? and the...

Sex Offender Karaoke and The Suicide Whisperer

A warranted individual made news after being caught because of a particular guilty pleasure and the crew discusses the implications of a girl being tried for convincing a friend to commit suicide. At first...

Miguel From Hot 101.5

Miguel Fuller of The Miguel and Holly show joins DGL to kick off pride month. He and Drew reminisce their beginnings in radio and how far they've come.

The Crap Parade

Drew talks about CNN's "Apocalypse video" and asks what would your end of the world song be? After some debate he presents his own choice with a twist courtesy of John Senning that has everyone laughing...

The Soul Brother!

SBK makes a surprise appearance in the studio and everyone is blown away! Get the scoop on his recovery and renewed spirit in this special clip.

Kenny Anderson interview

Retired NBA Point Guard Kenny "Mr. Chibbs" Anderson (Georgia Tech, Nets etc.) joins the show to discuss his basketball camp, documentary and more. Check out this exclusive DGL interview!

Apple A Day Party 2017 at Great Explorations

The long awaited Apple A Day Party was a hit! The feels were palpable as we got to see these kids forget their troubles, laugh and play. Thanks to our sponsors and contributors who helped us raise over...

TM Powell Reviews Wonder Woman

TM Powell of CW 44 joins the show to talk about the new box office hit Wonder Woman and Batman calls in. Get the inside scoop on the newest installment in the DC cinematic universe and see how it fairs...

DGL's Farewell?

CMG has been looking to spruce up the workplace and wrapped cool designs on the doors to everyone's offices.....Everyone except Drew. It's nothing short of a covfefe and leave's DGL to wonder if their...

AAD Dates, Lee and Celebrity Deaths

The crew talk about their upcoming Apple A Day Dates, a familiar voice calls into the show and Drew asks; Why do Americans feel the need to go out of our way to dig up the dirt and demonize beloved public...

The Superbowl in Tampa?

A surprising announcement from the NFL about SB LV has the Tampa bay Area buzzing with excitement. Get all the details and more!

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