Sticky or Vicky

It's Drew vs SBK to see who can guess the name right. Is it a marijuana strain or a sexy clothing line?

Art Alexakis on DGL

Art Alexakis (From Everclear) called into DGL

Dennis confronts Mika about Kava

Dennis was out last Wednesday, and he is ready to say it's all Mika's fault.

Apple A Day Giveaway - Maria

DGL gives away another iPad for Apple A Day!

Nicci Returns!

Nicci is in town this weekend, so she joined DGL in studio! Find out WHY she came home!

SugarHill Gang on DGL

DGL talked to the Legends of The SugarHill Gang today and it got a little hectic!

Shout Out Your Sexy Sweet War Treat

After Trump dropped bombs, Drew dropped some hot fire!

DGL tries Kava!

Mika Rotunda brought in some friends to give the guys from DGL Kava for the first time.

Calta-Rabo Karaoke (Spanish and John Senning)

Spanish joined DGL to perform against John Senning for Calta-Rabo Karaoke! Vote now for who won!!!

Carmin Karaoke

Carmin came on to DGL to face off vs Drew for Calta-Garabo Karaoke!

Drew and Jojo share a banana

It's a classic Jojo and the tramp scenario here with this banana!

The End of Avocado Rocker

Find out what Avocado Rocker did that has him officially banned from the show!

Kevin's Kidney Donor

Sbk's Donor came in to talk about how he came to get involved with donating his kidney.

Shout Out Your Sexy Penis Descriptions

Shout out your sexy!!! Penis descriptions edition!

Drew Meets His Brother For The First Time

For the first time in his life, Drew meets his biological Half-Brother

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