No Tricks No Treats- Sheriff Grady's Big Bust

The Legend of The Sheriff of Polk continues to grow with his latest bust on prostitution and human trafficking totaling at 277 arrests. Get the scoop with this DGL exclusive interview.

The Act of Winking and Mika down unda?

Today's OK or NOT Ok: winking. Creepy, harassment or playful? DGL discuss the intentions behind the gesture but the conversation turns on Mika yet again who somehow would entertain traveling to Australia...

Mika Learned a Magic Trick?

The Naked Magicians ignited something in Mika the crew fear they haven't seen before and then an explicit photo surfaces on twitter possibly confirming the fears of her 3 radio dads. Did the Naked Magicians...

Bravo! Bella Brava Caters DGL

DGL get an Italian feast catered by Executive Chef Jeff of Bella Brava accompanied by The Kushner's favorite server Lindsay.

Cocaine Body Platters

Female listeners call in and tell their cocaine stories and what body parts they have or have had the snow snorted off.

Weinstein is a "Sex Addict"

Does affluence define the difference between crime and affliction and does it detract from people who actually suffer from addiction? Listeners call in to give their takes and a few stories of their own...

Creepy Fetishes, Phone Sex and new NFL rules?

Drew takes calls from people who have experienced partners with strange fetishes or worked in "phone acting" the tells us how he almost became an operator before getting back into radio.

The Naked Magicians

The Magical Australian tricksters return for another hilarious demonstration on DGL and they give Mika a taste of what they've got down unda!

The Return of The Mouth Council

Billy Mays III joins us in studio for another one of his constructive vocal beat sessions aka The Mouth Council! Check out this incredibly fun "inside the studio" experience.

Another Hurricane in the Gulf?

There's talk of a sleeping storm system in the carribean and if it wakes up its' name could be Nate. Determined to get the full scoop ahead of the curve DGL calls in Fox 13's Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellagatto...

Holy Hicky!

Everyone's favorite Juice; the lovely JoJo, stops by the show just as Drew pitches the idea for someone to give Seth a hicky. Things get a little hot and heavy between Drew & JoJo then Jon feeling left...

Grady Judd; The Sheriff of Pasco

Sheriff Grady Judd calls in to DGL for an interview. Known for his controversial, incorruptible zeal when enforcing the law. They may not see eye to eye but respect their common ability to drop the bottom...

Cam Lynch talks Bucs and Knees

DGL's favorite former intern was able to stop by the show, talk some football and weigh in on the unprecedented phenomenon occurring in the NFL.

An Ipad for Isabella- Apple A Day

It's another special edition of DGL as we give an Ipad to 5 yr old Isabella courtesy of Apple A Day, Amerigas and their subsidiary; Heritage Propane in Tampa.

Cooper Gets an Ipad- Apple A Day

6 year old Cooper was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old with an optic pathway tumor(NF1 glioma) and just finished his second year of chemotherapy. His Ipad was the one escape and source of entertainment helping...

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