Its a Comedic Cavalcade of Hilarity when BERT KREISCHER appears in studio joined by JIM FLORENTINE and STAVROS HALKIAS to discuss The Donut Situation, Stavi's TINDER GAME and How Bert Might Kill His Wife...

Sleep Assault or "Sleep Assault"

Sometimes known as "Take me don't wake me" among consenting adults. Susanne Somers joked about her husband helping himself in the bedroom. Drew asks; OK or NOT Ok?


BREAKING NEWS: Seminole Heights Killer, MOORE Underage Girls, Trump-Water, BATHTUB UNDERWEAR, Spaghetti-Filled Burrito and When Pigs Fly I'll come out there and DRAKE you up. Its NEWS with Galvin and the...


Is it time to replace 'Horse Power' with a modern standard of measurement? Horses were only better than a guy running. Everything that came after that was replaced by something way better than a Glue Factory...

The Sound of Heroin

What classic songs would be the equivalent of a heroin buzz?

#MIKECALTASHOW Galvin Birthday News

The Beatings on the Bus Go Round and Round, COLIN KAEPERNICK, named 'AFRO of the Year', HOLIDAY PANTS, Jason Aldean talks Mass Shooting and Lucky Louie keeps WHIPPIN' IT OUT. Happy Birthday Galvin from...

The Bucs Won??

The Commish joins us in the studio for some post game coverage of the Bucs win over The Jets this past Sunday.

Mike Calta Show Louie CK NEWS

Higgins Final Magnum PI Ride, Jeremy Piven Women Accuser, Thats alot of Cocaine friday night, The Two Coreys continue, and There's a Stranger Things Boy Band? Its Mike Calta Show News with Galvin and the...