Dong on The Dome, Cry and Run Home

Sharon Osbourne threw a bachelorette party that may have been scarring for a family member. The crew discusses and questions how out of control do these private parties get in terms of "participation"...

Gay Confederate Statue Pride Week on the Mike Calta Show

What is the Babadook, how did it become a symbol of Gay Pride and why are Confederate Statues no longer standing erect? This and the rest of your questions are answered on the Mike Calta Show with fabulous...

DJ Avi's Kosher Kitchen

While discussing a viral video of a Canadian woman's racist rant in a hospital John asks if Medical instruments have to be kosher so the crew digress on a tangent about Kosher living. A listener calls...

Dignitary Party List Mike Calta Review

Mike Calta disapproves of Mo's 'plus two' for the upcoming Dignitary Party. Are you ON the list or OFF the list? AVOID EMBARRASSMENT and Find out now! CHECK Yo'self before you WRECK Yo'self.


Sherbet, Sherbert, Sorbet. Which is it? What is it? Drew channels his inner Wrestler when he's triggered by a caller who dares to argue the facts of these icy, delicious treats.

Q & A with Anna

We sat down with Anna from 102.5 and she tells us what country has the sexiest poor people and who she hates the most in the building! Hint: It's another girl that works for the Bone!

Open Letter To Children's Books

Galvin's open letter addresses the many horrible and dangerous lessons of childhood: Not Eating your Sister in the Woods, Dead baby Stork Delivery, Gang-Banging Dwarf parties, Eaten by Wolves, and Why...

The Real Raw Open 2017

The entire staff of 102.5 The Bone puts on an expert golfing display as BEERS get drank and HOLES get filled! Watch footage as the guys give expert advice in this exclusive video! It's The Real raw Open!